A heritage library
Prosjekteier: NTNU Universitetsbiblioteket
Kontaktperson: Alexandra Angeletaki
Tidsperiode: 2014 - 2016
Samlet støtte: 400 000kr
Kategori: Nye formidlingsmetoder


Ark4 is a cooperation project between 4 Institutions of Trondheim and intends to create a virtual space of dialogue between the common user and the institutions involved. It will explore novel methods of technology to disseminate knowledge
from the past to a wide public of young age. Ark intends to apply user-centered methods and collect new narratives, to be shared by the national and regional community of libraries, schools and archives. The project will start with a pilot platform, where specific digital representations of old books, archive objects and pictures will be explored through a library laboratory by school students.

The students will work with subjects of their choice from the archives, re-discover them and present them in an "interactive library platform of heritage" accessible to the public, nationally and internationally.Our application here responds to the call of the National Library of Norway exploring new dissemination paths for Libraries and archives in our society and applies for the sum of 400.000 NOK (see budget).


The increasing digitalization of books and archives poses great Challenges connected to the transformation of book content, appearance and user design. In the present application we focus on the interaction possibilities between individual and Institutions, that is users and heritage management.

Our Library and Archives have been using emerging technology to create a new virtual learning environment (MUBIL-lab This is a paradigm shift and has succeeded in transforming the experience of reading a book to a rich immersive experience of multimodal character. Books and archive documents being physical objects of a creating material, content period and authorship have thus become digital objects that materialize on a virtual level and can be shared by a wide public. By involving Computer Science and Information technologies to create a participatory platform for the dissemination of library archives we affect
the technological paradigm as well and can thus redefine the role such Archives have in current societies. Thus the notion of the library is extended to a novel practice of social interaction and new dissemination strategies.